The NLWP Examination Hearings took place at The Crowndale Centre, 218 Eversholt Street, London, NW1 1BD on Wednesday 20th November and Thursday 21st November.  The Boroughs are working on main modifications to address the issues raised at the hearings by representors and the Inspector. Once the Inspector is satisfied with these, the Boroughs will consult formally on the main modifications.

In February 2020 the Boroughs wrote to the Inspector to inform him that the consultation on the main modifications would start after the local elections in early May.  Since this time, the elections have been postponed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Boroughs agreed not to start any consultation on modifications to the NLWP until both council staff and consultees are able to fully participate in the consultation process.  Government guidance to stay at home is changing and lockdown is now being eased, however the Boroughs are mindful that some people may still need to shield or quarantine for a period of time.

The Boroughs anticipate consulting on the Main Modifications in September 2020 and further details will be sent to all participants in due course.  Please note that this time frame could be amended if government guidance changes.


Stephen Normington BSc DipTP MRICS MRTPI FIQ FIHE has been appointed to conduct the examination to determine whether the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) is sound.

The Programme Officer (PO), who works on behalf of the Planning Inspector, will organise the Examination and Hearings and is the main point of communication between the Inspector and those who made representations. The Programme Officer is Pauline Butcher. Her contact details are E: programme_officer@talktalk.net T: 07731 956558

Inspector’s Communication

Agenda 20 November 2019

Agenda 21 November 2019

NLWP Draft Hearing Programme with Participants (revised 18th November)

Matters, Issues and Questions

Guidance Note from the Inspector

Post-Hearing Documents

Letter to Inspector 12th February 2020

Letter to Inspector 3rd December 2019

Additional Evidence Base Documents

NLWP proposed submission January 2019 (proposed modifications tracked changes)

NLWP Flood Risk Sequential Test (October 2019)

Main Matters: Statements Received

Main Matter 1: Duty to Co-operate and Legal Issues

MM1 Dump Donoghue Campaign Groups

MM1 Fitzgerald & Burke Builders Merchants

MM1 North London Boroughs

MM1 Q5 Pinkham Way Alliance

MM1 Q6 Pinkham Way Alliance

MM1 Q11 Environment Agency

MM1 Q11 Freehold Community Association

Main Matter 2: Aim and objectives for Waste Development

MM2 Dump Donoghue Campaign Groups

MM2 North London Boroughs

MM2 Q14 Freehold Community Association

MM2 Q16 Pinkham Way Alliance

Main Matter 3: Spatial Framework for Waste

MM3 North London Boroughs

MM3 PB Donoghue

MM3 Thurrock Council

MM3 Q23 Pinkham Way Alliance

MM3 Q24 Pinkham Way Alliance

MM3 Q25 Pinkham Way Alliance

MM3 Q26 Pinkham Way Alliance

MM3 Q28 Freehold Community Association

MM3 Q34 Pinkham Way

MM3 Q38 Pinkham Way Alliance

MM3 Q43 Pinkham Way Alliance

Main Matter 4: Future Waste Management Requirements

MM4 Fitzgerald & Burke Builders Merchants

MM4 North London Boroughs

Main Matter 5: Policies

MM5 Dump Donoghue Campaign Groups

MM5 Fitzgerald & Burke Builders Merchants


MM5 North London Boroughs

MM5 PB Donoghue

MM5 PB Donoghue (2)

MM5 Q61 Pinkham Way Alliance

MM5 Q62 Pinkham Way Alliance

MM5 Q63 Pinkham Way Alliance

MM5 Q63 Q68 Freehold Community Association

MM5 Q66 GBN Services

MM5 Q68 Environment Agency

Main Matter 6: Monitoring and Implementation

MM6 Dump Donoghue Campaign Groups

MM6 North London Boroughs

MM6 Q88 Pinkham Way Alliance

Statements of Common Ground

SoCG with Essex

SoCG with Environment Agency

SoCG with GBN

SoCG with Greater London Authority

SoCG with Hertfordshire

SoCG with Historic England

SoCG with NLWA

SoCG with Surrey

SoCG with Thames Water

SoCG with Thurrock


The North London Boroughs have submitted the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government on 8th August 2019.  The Boroughs consulted on a proposed submission version of the NLWP between 1 March and 12 April 2019.

Submitted documents

The Boroughs have submitted the North London Waste Plan Regulation 19 (January 2019) to the Secretary of State, together with the supporting documents, dated January 2019, that were published for the Regulation 19 consultation. These are the Sustainability Appraisal, Data Study, Sites and Areas Report, Options Appraisal, Flood Sequential Test Report, Exports to Landfill 2020-35, Habitats Regulation Assessment, and the Equality Impact Assessment

Additionally the Boroughs have submitted new documents, dated August 2019.  These are the Consultation Statement, Representations received at Regulation 19 in representor order and in plan order, Duty to co-operate Report, Links to Borough documents, and Letter from the Mayor.

Where to view the documents

The submitted documents can be viewed online on the Document Centre.

Printed copies are available to inspect at the main planning offices of the seven boroughs and their libraries during opening hours:

Further information

The main place to find information about the NLWP is on this website. As the examination proceeds the website will be updated with key documents and communications from the Inspector.

If you cannot find the information you need, email feedback@nlwp.net or phone 020 7974 5916.