The North London Boroughs have drawn up a Consultation Protocol and a Duty to Co-operate Protocol to guide consultation on the NLWP.

large-waste-vehiclePlease click on these links to view the documents:  NLWP Consultation Protocol (Mar 2014)   Duty to Co-operate Protocol  (Mar 2015)

Proposed Submission consultation (reg 19) 2017

The next consultation on the NLWP is expected to take place in early 2017 on the Proposed Submission version of the Plan.

Draft Plan consultation (reg 18) July – September 2015

Consultation on the Draft Plan took place between 30th July 2015 and 30th September 2015; a period of nine weeks.

Two reports on how consultation influenced the development of the Draft NLWP were published alongside the Plan and are available below.

Draft Plan Consultation Statement (July 2015)  Duty to Co-operate Report (Jul 2015)

Interim Report on the Draft Plan

An interim report on the Draft Plan consultation is available below by following the links.  It sets out who was consulted and how, summarises outcomes of the consultation events, and lists comments by both representor and section of the plan. It also sets out action points for the next stage of developing the NLWP.

Please click on these links below to view the documents:

Interim Report on Draft Plan Consultation (Jan 2016)

Interim Report on Draft Plan Consultation – Appendix A to B (Jan 2016)

Interim Report on Draft Plan Consultation – Appendix C to D (Jan 2016)

Interim Report on Draft Plan Consultation – Appendix E (Jan 2016)

Interim Report on Draft Plan Consultation – Appendix F to G (Jan 2016)

Consultation 2014-2015

Consultation with key stakeholder continued during 2014 and 2015.  This included Focus group sessions in March- July 2014 and co-operation on movements of waste.  Reports on the Focus groups and the duty to co-operate are available below.

Report on Focus Group Events (July 2014)

Duty to Co-operate Report (June 2014)
Duty to Co-operate Letter (January 2014)
Duty to Co-operate Supporting Statement (January 2014)

Appendix A – Responses to Questions
Appendix B – Summary analysis of responses
Appendix C – Full responses to NLWP letter on waste movements
Appendix D – Main waste exports from north London 2010-2012
Appendix E – Recipients of waste exports from north London in 2012

Launch consultation (reg 18) April – June 2013

A ‘launch’ consultation took place between 19th April and 7th June 2013.  The North London Boroughs invited representations about what the NLWP ought to contain and a Report of the NLWP Launch Consultation is available below.

Report of North London Waste Plan Launch Consultation (2013)

Appendix B All representations listed by representor

Appendix C All representations listed by consultation questions

Next stages

We are now considering the responses from the consultation on the Draft Plan and preparing a revised version of the Plan on which we will consult in early 2017.