NLWP Newsletter February 2016


Welcome to the fifth in a series of newsletters to keep you up to date with progress on the North London Waste Plan (NLWP). The NLWP will set out the planning framework for waste management in the London boroughs of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest for the next 15 years. It will identify locations suitable for waste management use and set out policies for determining waste planning applications. This newsletter gives an update on the consultation on the draft plan, sets out what the Boroughs are doing now and what happens next. Contact details are provided at the end of the newsletter.

Recent consultation on the Draft plan

The North London Boroughs consulted on the Draft North London Waste Plan (“Draft Plan”) between 30th July 2015 and 30th September 2015; a period of nine weeks. The Draft Plan provided the first opportunity for stakeholders to make comments on the strategy for future waste management in North London, potential locations for new facilities across the area, and policies. As part of the Draft Plan consultation, we held six public stakeholder events between 2nd September and 11th September. One event was held in each North London Borough, with a combined event held in Camden/Islington. Each event was planned to include an afternoon workshop session with an informal drop-in session in the evening. Across the boroughs, thirty people attended the workshop sessions with a further 46 people visiting the evening drop-in sessions. A total of 213 representations were received from individuals (145), community groups (16), industry/business (10), political groups (5) and statutory consultees (36). One petition was received on the proposed Theydon Road Area, signed by 919 local residents. The submission on the proposed Pinkham Way Area by Pinkham Way Alliance was supported by 1,067 signatories. The Interim Report on the Draft Plan Consultation sets out who was consulted, summarises the outcomes of the consultation events, and lists comments received by both representor and section of the plan. It also sets out action points for the next stage of developing the NLWP.

What people said

There was general support for the Aim, objectives and spatial strategy of the plan although some textual changes were suggested for all of these sections.

There were conflicting views expressed on the use of waterways to carry waste. Many organisations support this to help reduce road transport and pollution, however some residents oppose it because they fear a negative effect on amenity and biodiversity. Around 70% (148) of the comments received were objections to sites and areas. A number of proposed sites and areas which have been assessed as potentially suitable for waste uses through the NLWP assessment criteria were not considered suitable by local residents and community groups. The main issues raised by residents related to the potential negative impacts of a waste facility in the local area, including traffic/congestion, suitability of roads and access, effect on biodiversity, flood risk, proximity to sensitive receptors and residential areas, concern over noise, smell, pollution and vermin. A number of objections by landowners and tenants were also received. There was broad support for Policy 6 on how planning applications for waste facilities would be assessed, and a number of changes were suggested to strengthen requirements or for clarification. Competing views were received from residents who wanted strict controls on development and the waste industry who consider some of the requirements too onerous. You can see a longer summary of the comments in the Interim Report and you can read them all in Appendices A and B. The Appendices also contain notes of the meeting held on Theydon Road in Hackney and a meeting with adjoining authorities on exports of waste.

Focus on duty to co-operate

The North London Boroughs have a duty to co-operate with other authorities where exports of waste to facilities and landfills cause a significant impact. During the consultation a special meeting was held with these neighbouring authorities. Generally the surrounding authorities to whom we export waste want to see more facilities based in North London so that we manage more of our waste in the local area. Conversely, some residents felt that waste facilities should be located on the outskirts of North London or out of the area altogether.

What are the Boroughs doing now?

The Boroughs are using the feedback in the consultation responses to:  Draw up a revised version of the NLWP  Work on further assessments of the sites and areas to decide which ones to take forward into the new plan The Interim Report on the Draft Plan Consultation sets out a series of actions required as a result of the comments received. The Boroughs are also doing a further data study to ensure that the next version of the NLWP is based on the newest data.

What happens next?

We are using comments received during the consultation on the Draft NLWP to inform the preparation of the ‘Proposed Submission’ NLWP. The Proposed Submission NLWP is scheduled to be published for comment in summer 2016. This will be the final stage for making representations on the NLWP before it is submitted for independent examination by a Planning Inspector. We will be inviting people to make representations on whether the NLWP has been prepared in accordance with legal requirements and whether it is sound. Any comments made on the NLWP at this stage of consultation will be sent, along with the plan, to the Planning Inspectorate. The appointed Inspector will consider comments at a public hearing and representors seeking changes in order to make the plan sound can ask to participate. As consultation on the Proposed Submission NLWP is different to previous stages, we will provide guidance on how to respond alongside the plan itself.


Stage of Plan preparation Date

Launch consultation (Regulation 18) Spring 2013

Consultation on draft plan (Regulation 18) Summer/Autumn 2015

Consultation on proposed submission plan (Regulation 19) Summer/Autumn 2016

Submission (Regulation 22) Winter 2016/17

Public hearings Spring 2017

Inspector’s report Summer 2017

Adoption Winter 2017


For more information about the North London Waste Plan, please visit our website or contact the planning team: Website: Email: Tel: 020 7974 5916